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YGK trading Co., LTD has produced Compact Emergency Engine Power Generating Device (Gas Generating Type) utilizing High Thermal Engines from YGK Co., LTD.


Compact Emergency Engine Power Generating Device (Gas Generating type)

NETIS Registration Number KT-160119-A


YGK Trading Co., LTD. has produced Compact Emergency Engine Power Generating Device utilized an engine from YGK Co., LTD


Using the 100cc high thermal efficiency small gas engine, which is performing successfully in co-generation system, this security standby power supply (1kw model) with the gas generator can operate for 72 hours continuously with a 20kg cylinder.

Downsized and lighter design

We achieved a weight of 200kg, which is approximately half the weight of conventional diesel generator type. Since this is waterproof and a cubicle lightweight model, the installation is dynamically improved.

Cleaner gas emission

Using LP gas fuel and a three way catalyst makes its gas emissions cleaner. This Compact emergency generator is more environmentally friendly.

Reduced noise design

The standard noise level of a diesel generator is 75dBA class, however, changing to gas engine make it possible to reduce below 50dBA.

Model YL01-1000
Installation site Outdoor stationary installation
Rated voltage(V) 100/200 (50/60Hz)
Rated power output 1kVA
Format 1kVA Water-cooled 4 cycle
The number of cylinders Single cylinder
Engine displacement 100cc
Maximum output(reference) 1.2kW
Rated speed 1400
Power generation method

イInverter system
Generator Permanent magnet type
Noise Level (dBA) Below 50 (1m)

[External Dimension] W935XD720XH1100

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