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YL08 Gas Engine


*Ultimate fuel efficiency ⇒ NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology) Project
 ・Two-point Ignition
 ・Lean burn
 ・Friction reduction measures
 *Low noise and low vibration
 ・Low RPM(1700rpm)
 ・Noise reduction by super rigidity body mechanism and main motor system
 ・Achieving a noise level of 55dB(A) with engine installed in generator case
*Low emission gas
 ・Below Nox75ppm

→Click here for an actual case of Gas engine installed YL08


Fuel :LPG/Biomass/Gasoline/JP6(needed spec change)
Use application : Power source for Generators / Co-generators / Heat Pumps / Feed and Drain Pumps / Construction Equipment / Agricultural Equipment / Lightings etc.

The number of cylinders
Engine displacement(cc) 868
Bore x Stroke (㎜) 85 × 76.5
Valve type SOHC
Aspirated type NA
Rated Output (kW/rpm) Gas Generator / Gas Co-generator specifications 5~10 /1700~2000
Length(mm) 322
Width(mm) 408
Height(mm) 613
Weight(㎏) 45

■ Promoted as a development theme by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.
   Achieved 36.1% in thermal efficiency of shaft ends. It has recorded 37.2% at the above generation power in 2014.

 - 開発品


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