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Emergency LP Gas Engine Generator(3kVA)


Core Features!!

  • LLP Gas Engine installed
  • Four-point ignition method starts it up without fail
  • Special coil prevents copper loss
  • Inverter output stabilizes electric power

Stable Generation!!

Suitable for back up power to the major facilities
After a power cut, automatic activation, supply power within 40 seconds and automatic stop device in the power recovery

Strong in the time of disaster!!

LP gas is storable energy and easily obtainable.
Light FRP container makes easy to carry and safe of blast proof in the event of fire.
Choice of operation time devices, option of continuous over 72 hour operation (without fueling)

Better feature than diesel generators

  • Start-up
    No deterioration of fuel and start without failing
  • High efficiency and low fuel consumption
    Fuel efficiency pf 33-38%
  • Light and compact
    The smallest in the world
  • Environmental
    emit fewer CO2, NOx and Sox.
  • Maintenance
    Easy maintenance due to the gasiform fuel and no deterioration
name  3kVA Emergency LP Gas Engine Generator
Engine  Water-cooled type single cylinder engine(220cc)  LP gas engine
Number of phase and wire  Single-phase two-wire
Frequency  50/60Hz
Rated voltage output AC100V
Rated current output AC30A
Rated power output 3.0kVA
Operation method  Automatic changeover in the power cut
Starting time  within 40 seconds from the power cut to application of load
Continuous operation time  24 hours(1 x 20kg LP Gas container)
 over 72 hours(2 x 30kg LP Gas container)
External Dimension and mass(24 hours spec)  W950mm × D450mm × H950mm(without protuberance)
 250kg(without gas cylinder)
Noise Level  Below 65dB(7m)


・Traffic information boards, Traffic lights, Lights in tunnels, CCTV etc.  
・Communication Base stations(mobile phones etc.), Network devices  
・Evacuation centers Schools, Community halls, Local government buildings etc.  
・Electric Power Radiation monitoring posts, small hydro power plants  
・Others Small buildings, flats, care facilities, Clinics etc.


・Maintenance every three years, which is easier than diesel generators(Not applicable to fire law )
・Using the gasiform fuel, no condensation, deterioration and no replacement needed
・Generator engine is easy to change oil and batteries, and refill cooling water
・FRP made LP Gas containers need to be changed(checked) every three years.


・Sales Period  October 2018(3kVA is scheduled for sale)
・Sales Price  3kVA Generator: yen(estimated price)
・Output series   5kVA is under development(Sales period will start differently)
・Sole sales agency  



3kVA Compact Emergency Power Generation Device with YL03 LP gas engine
Comparison of the size of mass production prototype

72 hour type

24 hour type

 - 開発品


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