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Product Development

As a development project for developing general engines such as thermal efficiency gas engine generators, and automobile engines and high efficient machine accessories, we approached motor sports and worked closely with Tokai University for 11years

In the category of the endurance racing, such as 24-hour races we ran 450,000 km in a general driving, we were able to collect valuable data on the durability of machines and fuel performance (high thermal efficiency) , which was impossible to replicate from standard research. We have analyzed numerous data through the demonstration experiments, and today, it is possible for us to reflect on the results fully for our own development products.

As a result, our well developed wide range of engines have established high levels of durability and fuel efficiency, which no other existing products could achieve.

The purpose of product research and development

  • Assessing the market needs, we research, develop, produce and launch products to meet customer needs, leading to expanding sales.
  • Based on corporate seeds, which are corporate’s new discoveries, inventions and ideas, we launch new products and challenge to open up new markets.

Policy of Product Research and Development

  • Market Needs Type
    Knowing the exact market needs through full research, we focus exclusively on suitable products, so that we endeavor to research and develop further.
  • Corporate Needs Type
    Searching through daily company research activities and also new discoveries, inventions and ideas from cooperative research with universities and other research organizations, we continue to develop products to the best of our ability.

Specific Development Process

Based on the premise of above, we construct consistently from basic layout examinations, designing, prototypes, tests to going along with mass production. Each process will begin with appointment of patented technology, studying specification, Creating 3D data, design drawing (manufacturing drawing), prototypes, assembly (preparation of the manual procedure), bench checks, performance upgrade, and finally to mass production.


YGK Development Products

General Products

Our developed products consist of wide range of general-purpose products suitable for many customer applications
We deal with various usage of engine, not only gas generators or gas engine co-generation system, but also drain/supply pumps or air blowers.
*Please contact us to request output range or more details.

Automobile Related Products

We are able to specialize our developed engine for installation in automobiles, and also develop and alter specs for customized products. EER, Exhaust Energy Recovery-hybrid system is available to apply to low cost hybrid systems for automobiles and furthermore to conventional generators, marine motors, and agricultural motors.