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Since November 2017 our company has been accepted as a first full member of Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association in 36 years.

NETIS Registration Number

We have developed a Compact Emergency Engine Power Generating Device (gas generating type) utilizing High Thermal Efficiency Engines.

Registered with NETIS(New Technology Information System), New Technology Information System, with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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YGK provides Gas engine technology (LPG/Biomass Gas) based on our already developed *YR/YL series engines.

  • prototyping, durability demonstration and small-quantity production of high thermal efficiency engines tailored to requested generating power and specifications.
  • Gas engine generators, Gas Co-generators and layouts meeting installation requirements/prototypes/small-quantity prodution of Gas Heat Pumps, installed with the above engines.

From racing technology to environmental technology

YGK has improved high thermal efficiency which means fuel efficiency, high durability and low environmental burden type of our engines for endurance race competitions. This technology was refined in the racing field with the assistance of Dr. Yoshimasa Hayashi EngD, and now has been utilized for general purpose industrial equipment (generators, co-generators and heat pumps) specified LPG/Biomass fuels.

As a development company specializing in engines

In the field of brand new vehicle design or development production, YGK has achieved the industry-university cooperation and outsourcing for excellent domestic prototypes, and evolved overwhelming advantages in development budgets, production costs and engineering innovation. We are not only confronting various issues but also aiming to establish a foundation as an engine manufacture which contributes to society and makes proposals beyond the bounds of region or manufacturer.