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YGK Generator Products Introduction (presentation for collaborating companies)

Cases of social problems

Excerpt from infrastructure related news covering the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

  • People suffering from disaster experienced difficulties in requesting help due to failed communication systems
  • Information retrieval through the data communication network is important for the affected people to retreat safely and for the stability of life during evacuation
  • Communication network is important for residents in the disaster-stricken areas to collaborate
  • Due to the deterioration of light oil, many emergency generators did not work
  • Rescue of people affected by disasters may take several days
  • When the petroleum delivery infrastructure was damaged, electrical vehicles which could be charged using local energy were useful means of transportation
  • Need arose to depend on the water tank trucks of the self defense force when the water pipelines were damaged
  • When the water pipelines were damaged, dish-washing and the use of bathrooms were restricted
  • The use of heating equipment during cold weather was restricted when heating oil was limited
  • Large scale electricity supply restriction stagnated industrial production of affected areas
  • High capacity electricity supply is needed continuously in evacuation sites including hospitals and nursing homes

Solutions to social problems and YGK product areas

Small sized emergency generator 3kVA

Timing for installation

  • Based on the national resilience plan by the government, LPG emergency generator to be set newly or as replacement of diesel generator for traffic light system , designated refuge shelter and road message sign etc.
  • When the stores are newly opened or renovated
  • Early installation timing is recommended to reduce greenhouse gas emission

Superiority and technology of YGK 3kVA generator system

  • Use LP gas as fuel which is easy to get or stored for emergency
  • Reliable start by four-point ignition system
  • Automatic start within 20 seconds upon power failure and automatic stop when recovered
  • Enjoy stable power supported by the inverter control device
  • Continuous operation for more than 72 hours by the high efficiency power generation
  • Settable in narrow space or on the roof due to small size and light weight
  • Settable in the residential area due to high noise reduction and low vibration
  • Low CO₂ emissions, few NOx and SOx emissions
  • Resistant to disaster and easy maintenance due to the non-deteriorated fuel
Product Name 3kVA emergency LPG power generation
Engine Water-cooled single-cylinder engine(220cc) LPG dedicated engine
No. of phase & line Single-phase 2-wire
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output voltage AC100V
Output current AC30A
Output power 3.0kVA
Operating system Automatic switching upon power outage
Start-up time Loading within 20 seconds of a power failure
Run length 5hours(by LPG 7.5kg FRP gas bomb 1p)
More than 72hours (by subjoin the fuel)
External dimension W950mm × D450mm × H950mm(except the protrusion)
350kg without gas bomb
Noise level Less than 70dB(7m)

YGK 50kW generator’s spec meeting market requirements

Needs of domestic facilities

Target:Convenience chains, restaurant chains, factories, commercial buildings, shopping center,
hospitals, schools, public facilities, plant factories, combination system of PV and gas power

Needs:Provide the cheap electricity for base load power with distributed energy system

Requirement 1:High-efficiency power generation

Spec:40% power generation efficiency by several engineering technologies
Output:Provide the cheap electricity of \10-15/kW (based on LPG price \50-80/kg)

Requirement 2:Small and light

Spec:By develop the extra small engine unit and use aluminum parts, our generator will be downsized to 40% of 50VA diesel
generator(size of 50kVA diesel generator 2750mm long x 1100mm wide x 1400 high)
Output:Can be installed in the narrow backyards of stores, houses, parking lots and on the roof of buildings

Requirement 3:Clean exhaust characteristics

Spec:Install a three way catalytic converter system
Output:Can be set up in residential area, school, hospital etc. required the environmental resistant

Requirement 4: Low noise and low vibration

Spec:Various noise control technologies equipped. Use the balance shaft in order to save the vibration
Output:Can be set up in library, hospital, museum, concert hall etc. required the noise control

Requirement 5:Durability

Spec:Improvement of support rigidity of crankshaft
Output:By prolong the useful life, economical efficiency will be improved

Requirement 6:Easy maintenance

Spec:Easy replacement of Cylinder parts designed in the original basic phase
Output:By decreasing the maintenance frequency, economical efficiency will be improved

Requirement 7:Variable power generation capacity

Spec:Several 50kVA units can be combined and total output can be controlled, allowing customization of power capacity
Output:High-efficiency will be realized under any power output which will bring the economical merit accordingly

Business opportunities for 50kVA LPG power generation

SSegment less than 50kW(85.8million contracts)

Target:Convenience chains, restaurant chains
Opportunities:Build a gas power generation system in order to get the cheap electricity and utilize the surplus for charging the electric car

Segment 50kW – 500kW (0.85million contract)

Target:Small factory, small building
Opportunities:Peak cut needs for small factory and building Apply BCP for small building in order to add value

Segment 500kW – 2000kW

Target:medium-sized factory, supermarket, medium-sized building
Opportunities:Ensure the cheap electricity for the factory and supermarket
Owner of the several buildings is interested in the electric power sales business to his tenants

Segment more than 2000kW (11thousand contracts)

Target:Large factory, university, general hospital, large shopping center, Large-scale hotel
Opportunities:Build the independent gas power generation system in order to get cheap power and participate the VPP business
Municipality may build the gas power and solar power system and start the VPP business for the remote island, isolated village and prefectural housing complex

*For details, please see “Product development”